How to Show output window in Visual Studio during application build activity

In this article learn how to show output window in Visual Studio IDE whenever application build activity started. By default, Output window do not appear in Visual Studio.

Show output window in Visual Studio during application build activity:

In Visual Studio, the Output window is one of the key element that help developer to monitor in progress build activity. It display necessary build activity details logged by MSBuild during build process. The build logs include an information about name of the library, file path, exception details, notifications, exception details in case of build failure, missing dependent file or component details and more.

Show output window in Visual Studio

Platform: Windows

Show output window in Visual Studio:

Please find the below steps to bring up the Output window automatically during build.

In Visual Studio, go to Menu -> Tools -> and select Options menu. This will open the Visual Studio Options window.

In Options window, select Projects and Solutions option item and then select the General sub item. This will show you the configuration details at the right side of the options window.

At the bottom of the window, there is an option ‘Show Output window when build starts’ is unchecked or not selected. Select or check this option.

Click on OK button to save the changes.
Show output window in Visual Studio

Now open any project and perform build (any mode: release or debug). Now you can see Output Window is automatically loaded and display necessary debug details.

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