Rider – A Cross Platform Development IDE

Rider is a A Cross Platform Development IDE, that helps you develop .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, or Unity applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It provides rich editing support and code insight for languages used in .NET development, from C#, VB.NET, and F# to ASP.NET Razor syntax, JavaScript, TypeScript, XAML, XML, HTML, CSS, SCSS,

Rider – A Cross Platform Development IDE:

Like any other IDE, Rider lets you edit, build, debug and run any .Net applications that include desktop apps, web applications, libraries, and services. Rider also supports mono framework applications such as Unity and Xamarin. It also supports .Net core applications as well. The Rider uses UI and multiple features of the IntelliJ platform and is bundled with Resharper features like navigation and search, refactoring, code inspection, quick fixes, and many more.

You can install the Rider IDE on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It provides intelligent code editing features where developers can experience different kinds of code compilations, auto importing namespaces, auto inserting brace and syntax highlighting, code rearranging, and many more.


The Rider IDE has an intelligent code analysis capability where it boasts 2200+ live code inspections that help detect errors. About 1000 quick fixes are available to solve the detected issues when detected individually or in bulk.

The Rider IDE is having great navigation and search utilities. The Rider decompiler allows you to decompile third-party libraries in c# into a regular editor tab.

The Rider IDE is integrated with ReSharper’s refactoring scripts that include rename, extract methods, interfaces, classes, and many more. Riders allow us to run and debug unit tests based on NUnit, xUnit.net, MSTest. The Rider IDE has a debugger that works with the .NET Framework, Mono, .NET core applications. Rider allowed to add multiple debug configurations, attach to external processes, set and manage breakpoints, step into, step over, step out, run to cursor, watch windows, evaluate expressions, explore thread windows, and more.

The Rider IDE has a rich set of built-in plugins developed for the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper. Rider also supports SQL and database interaction. The database feature of Rider IDE supports editing the table schema, running queries, UML diagram through Rider’s rich SQL editor.

With Rider IDE, you can develop modern web applications with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and SASS support built-in. Rider supports Nide.js, React, Angular and Vue.js. Rider provides tight integration with various web development tools that make Rider a full-stack development experience.

Download Location:

JetBrains Rider IDE is not a free software but available for 14Days free trial to get the better experience to work with. Here is an official download location.

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