List of file extension list related to Mobile Phones

In this article, I would like to show you the list of file extension list related to mobile phones used in smart phones, tablets. The file extension list includes firmware, mobile applications, packages, contacts, backups, upgrades, settings and more. This list covered all major mobile platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry OS.

File extensions list related to Mobile Phones:

File ExtensionDescription
.1spMicrosoft OneNote Mobile document
.abaPalm Address Book archive
.aegNetmino data
.aiaApp Inventor project
.apkGoogle Android application package
.arscDalvik Virtual Machine resource pack file
.asecGoogle Android encrypted application package
.barBrew MP binary application resource data
.bbbBlackBerry backup (post 2012)
.bm3Sony Ericsson backup
.bugsenseBugSense data
.cabInstallation File For Windows Mobile
.cdbSymbian OS contact database file
.cryptWhatsApp encrypted backup (original)
.crypt7WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
.crypt8WhatsApp Messenger message database
.cuidBaidu.cuid data
.cuid2Baidu.cuid2 data
.des-seSony Ericsson XPERIA X10 data
Sunnysoft InterWrite data
.encMedia Safe encrypted data
.fpsxSymbian firmware update
.ftfSony Xperia Android firmware
.gkpGameKeyboard data
.hbkHTC SMS backup
.hwtHuawei Emotion UI theme
.ibySymbian ROM Image Component Include file
.ifaithiFaith file
.ipaApple iOS application
.ipdBlackBerry backup (pre 2012)
.ipswiPhone, iPad or iPod Touch iOS software firmware update
.ithmbiOS thumbnails
.kdzLG firmware archive
.keepsafeKeepsafe folder
.ldwfAndroid related data
.lqmLG QuickMemo note
.mbnSony Ericsson mainware
.mcuswNokia mobile phones with Symbian firmware data
.mdbackupApple iPhone backup
.mddataApple iPhone backup data
.migitallockMigital encrypted data
.minMinute Maker data
.mmsMultimedia Messaging Service message
.mobileconfigApple iPhone mobile configuration profile
.mrcGoogle Android data
.mswalletMicrosoft Wallet item package
.mtzXiaomi MIUI theme
.mxmfMobile XMF format
.mybibleBible database module
.n3aNokia 3D screensaver
.narNokia Smart Cam archive
.nbfNokia phone side backup
.nbhHTC ROM update utility ROM image
.nbuNokia PC Suite 6.82+ backup
.nfbNokia PC Suite phone backup
.nfcNokia PC Suite phone backup
.nomediaGoogle Android OS system data
.nomedia_128x96Google Android OS system data
.npfSamsung PC Studio phone book backup
.nthNokia Series 40 and 60 theme
.oapSamsung bada signed installation package
.obbAndroid opaque binary blob archive
.pbbMobile phonebook data
.pdasPDAStore store file
.pitSamsung firmware image
.pkpassApple Wallet pass data
Plazmic Media Engine data
.ppvMicrosoft Pocket PowerPoint presentation
.provisionprofileiOS provision profile
.pxoLG Vu system data
.remBlackBerry encrypted data
.rscResource data
.s7sSony Ericsson S700i Phone firmware data
.sbfGoogle Android mobile phone backup file
.scsSiemens color skin archive
.shxMotorola RAZR flash data
.sinXperia system loader
.sisSymbian installation file
.sisxSymbian OS program installation executable
.sisx.dmNokia Ovi Store protected program
.sltGallery Lock hidden media thumbnail
.smiSiemens mobile phone inbox SMS data
.snbS Note note (old version)
.socialphonebookSony Xperia contacts
.spdS Note note (new version)
.suppiOS data file
Sony Ericsson mobile phone theme
.tpkTizen application package
.twkTweakS data
.usvLG Xenon mobile phone contact list
.vcardvCard contacts
.vcfvCard contacts
.vefHTC encrypted contacts
.vmsgVersit message format
.vsmBlackberry data
.wcxfWorldCard exchange format
.xapMicrosoft Windows Phone and Microsoft Silverlight application package
.xapkGoogle Android XAPK application package
.xmppExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol


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